Start Your Career At Area

 Area Energy & Electric, Inc. places a high priority on extensive and pro-active recruitment efforts. We are regularly interacting with students and instructors from 4th through 12th grades at our local schools to encourage education and employment in the skilled trades. School-to-work and co-op programs are fully supported by Area. Our employees are eager to participate in the various advisory committees for programs at local career centers teaching the skilled trades we employ.

Career centers we are involved with:

-Tri-Rivers Career Center

-Upper Valley Career Center

-Ohio Hi-Point Career Center

-Tolles Career and Technical Center

-Apollo Career Center

-Springfield Clark County CTC

-Tri-County Career Center

-Tri-Star Career Compact

-Eastland-Fairfield Career Center


Area Energy & Electric, Inc. enables all employees the ability to develop themselves for career advancement within our company. We partner with registered apprenticeship programs in all employed trades. Check out some of our programs by clicking on the image below.



Is Construction Right For You?

Your Future Career Is A Step Away

Whether you are just starting your career or looking for a change, a career in construction or manufacturing may be perfect for you. Without skilled professionals, schools, hospitals, businesses, homes, and vehicles wouldn’t get built or maintained. So, if job security, great pay, and engaging hands on work are high on your list of career requirements, you’re in the right place!


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