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Area Energy & Electric, Inc. takes great pride in completing projects to our customers' expectations. Here are a few comments from our customers on how they feel our performance rated.

"It is with great pleasure and satisfaction that we endorse Area Energy & Electric for the Associated Builders and Contractors annual award, in recognition of their dedicated efforts during the construction of Trupointe's new Greenfield agronomy facility in Milford, Indiana.

The team, led by Jim Schmidt as project manager and Chris Kreitzer as crew foreman, met all of our expectations for quality and timeliness during this difficult project. Their contribution to the project started long before they mobilized to the site in April of 2013, and has continued in a maintenance capacity to the present day.

It was an eighteen month project that was constantly besieged by poor weather, which could have caused a delay in completion. We had an extremely wet summer followed by the bitter cold and large drifts of snow in the winter. In every case, Area found additional manpower and worked additional hours, including weekends, to keep the project on schedule.

Even though they worked many hours of overtime and many weekends, there were no complaints by their employees and no lost time injury-accidents. This is an outstanding accomplishment considering they had 22,319 total man hours committed to this project, and approximately 3,400 of those hours were overtime.

All of the electrician's work was very professional and received high marks from all of the visitors to our new facility. Shane Brumbaugh and Nick Garner were also instrumental developing the automation and communication protocol for the site, which included six separate structures. Jim Chris, Shane and Nick were essential personnel during the commissioning process for each of the buildings.

Trupointe is starting a second phase of construction at this same site, and because of Area's fine performance on the first phase, they have been chosen as a single source supplier for the electrical work on phase two. It has been a pleasure to work with professionals that will go the extra mile and take such pride in their work."

Tom Miller
Project Engineer
Trupointe Cooperative
Milford, Indiana



" It is with great pleasure that we recognize the achievement of Area Energy & Electric, Inc. on providing the electrical contracting services for H.A. Dorsten, Inc. on the PCS Nitrogen Ohio, LLC administration and maintenance building.

When selecting the electrical contractor for this work, we needed a company that would perform not only in the field, but would also provide excellent project management. Area Energy & Electric excelled in both aspects.

Area Energy & Electric's field superintendent, performed at the highest level, ensuring that both the owner and H.A. Dorsten, Inc. were satisfied. Concurrently, management support system was provided, addressing the numerous requests for quotation from the owner.

We anticipated, upon our selection of Area Energy & Electric, Inc., that they would fit the bill as the electrical contractor for this project; they indeed proved to be the right choice!"

Sean Dorsten
H.A. Dorsten, Inc.



" It is our pleasure at PCS Nitrogen Ohio, LP to endorse Area Energy & Electric, Inc. and Regal Plumbing & Heating Company for the Associated Builders and Contractors annual award, for their outstanding contribution to our recent building complex project.. Both teams demonstrated a remarkable level of diligence, integrity, and professionalism, providing us with the opportunity for a successful program.

PCS Nitrogen Ohio, LP is a nitrogen division of Postash Corp. and as a chemical plant we are governed by federal regulations making our policies, procedures, and safety standards exponentially more demanding than most typical construction initiatives. Both teams were happy to comply with our very stringent protocols, and worked closely with the general contractor to institute proactive measures into the overall work scope. This kind of diligence afforded them an excellent safety milestone...approximately 26,000 (Area) and 16,000 (Regal) total project man-hours without a lost time injury. This is an incredible achievement, given the complexity of the building design.

Additionally, there were many difficult and complex elements associatetd with the design and construction of a "Safe Haven" office building complex. That, coupled with the uniqueness of the architecture, the unusal owner demand for attention to every detail, and the endless accommodation of owner changes and additions, made this project especially challenging. However, both teams exhibited remarkable patience, extraordinary diligence, and a "can do" attitude that made the whole experience very enjoyable!! It was truly an honor to work with the entire staff at Area Energy & Electric, Inc. and Regal Plumbing & Heating Company, and unquestionably, we could not have achieved the same level of success without their contribution to the project."

Les Kohli - Project Manager
Tim Kearns - Engineering Manager
Todd Sutton - General Manager
Potash Corp.

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