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24 Hour Emergency Service

Area Energy & Electric, Inc. understands the importance of keeping our clients' systems & production up and running. System failure can mean large revenue losses and loss of customer confidence. We understand the urgency of the situation and at the same time the critical need for the safety of everyone involved in the operation. That's why we will work around the clock to get our customers operating again. The map below is a representation of our most served regions; however, we do service outside of these areas. If you're wondering if we could service your area, please give us a call.

Electrical Service & Repair

Area Energy & Electric, Inc. has the capability to serve at any stage of development - from new construction to upgrade to complete retrofit. With expertise in a wide range of projects, our team can accommodate the needs and specialty systems for the full spectrum of projects ranging from small to large requirements.


Preventative Maintenance

It’s dangerous to underestimate the importance of preventative maintenance. It’s far safer and makes better economic sense to budget for and uphold proper safety and preventative maintenance standards than it is to be dealing with injuries, possible loss of life, and the resulting monetary settlements of something serious happening. It’s a risky practice because of the potential for equipment malfunctions to occur. The more time that elapses without preventative maintenance standards in place, the more risk is incurred.



24 Hour Service 800-373-8826